I've been shooting RAW for years... not any more! X-T1

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Re: I've been shooting RAW for years... not any more! X-T1

First of all, these are nice images as they are.

However, if the sunset image had been shot in raw, it would have allowed you to experiment with the shadow areas - I'm not saying that would necessarily result in a better image, but a different one.

Yes, you're getting nice images from Jpg alone, but I see no harm in shooting Raw+Jpg, since disk space (even properly backed up space) really isn't an issue for still images. That way, you can have the quick jpg workflow if you want quick results, but for the few shots where Raw would give you something extra, you retain that option.

Also, with the increased processing speed, it will take absolutely no effort to automatically develop all your old raw images in five years time, with the latest demosaicing and noise reduction algorithms, and color profiles. Not shooting Raw now denies you that possibility.

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