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Re: Another camera choice decision

plasmaj wrote:

Hi - like in many other threads - longtime lurker, first time questioner.

I am considering moving to an ILC, largely due to the fact we are expecting a child in a few months and would like to be able to take better family photos. I would also use it some for hiking (landscapes) and random other events (baseball games, etc)

I am mostly considering an E-M10 and an A6000. I am posting in this board since I am currently leaning toward micro 4/3 (though this shifts every few hours). In either case, I would get the basic portrait lens (45 mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.8 respectively). The total combined package price is fairly similar.

Here is my list of pros for each one:


A big plus for the E-M10, the Sony 50 1.8 is stabilized though (and I like Sony's OSS).

-Better OOC JPEGs ( this is important to me since I do not intend to use RAW often)

Subjective but your opinion is the only one that counts here.

-Good lens choices

Both systems have good lenses choices and missing links....depends on what you want.

-Touch screen

I find this great with the GX7

-More accurate focus (I see a lot more focusing issues on the Sony board than here)

Not sure about this, I think both work well though.

-Continuous AF (more important when the baby grows)

Big plus for the Sony (at this price level anyway).

-Better grip (much more comfortable in my hand)

Subjective again but it is how it feels to YOU that counts.

-In camera panorama

Sony does this well (so does Panasonic by the way).

-Somewhat better high ISO

I think so...both are good enough though.

-Shallower DOF with the portrait lens

Yes but not that much...then again the 45 1.8 Oly is a bit longer in 35mm equivalent terms......90mm VS 75mm which will take up a bit of the difference in terms of shallow DOF.

Both are great lenses for the price.

Is there anything important I am missing?

Specs are similar......both are sort of upper entry level, guess it comes down to is the slightly better IQ and AF and larger sensor with higher pixel count of the Sony better for you than the missing features the Oly has (IBIS, touch screen, faster flash sync, horizon level in the Oly).

I just bought an LX7 last year on a good deal so could theoretically get by with that for a time.

Or alternatively, I could just go with a PM2 right now to see how I like the system before diving in - and save several hundred dollars since the image quality seems similar to the E-M10.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated.

What about video of the kids? Both have limitations but the A6000 looks like being very good ...indeed Philip Bloom just did a mini review and likes the HD better than the GH4 even (note he seems to love the GH4 and it is a better camera for video esp regards 4k.....this is just for HD).

Between those two, I would likely get the Sony A6000 .....I have a GX7 and an A7 and both are great so I would not get either......may get a A6000 next year though I am sure there will be plenty of other new toys to covet before then.

Whatever you get, all cameras are pretty good these days.

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