RX 10 fixed aperture?

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I fully agree with your analysis

Bottom wrote:

I posted these for 24, 50 and 200 mm at f2.8, 4.0, 5.6 and 8 previously. Resolution deteriorates rapidly at apertures smaller than f 8.


I would fully support your analysis here, as it is compatible with my own experience with the RX10 and other cameras.

On my Panasonic camcorder that uses 1/3" sensors that are far smaller than the sensor in the RX10, f/5.6 is pretty much the smallest that I can use before diffraction starts to become noticeable. Of course, it is just an HD camcorder, which records at far lower resolution than a still camera. But with it, I generally avoid going beyond f/5.0 to play it safe.

On the RX10, with its much larger sensor, I try to avoid going beyond f/7.1, just to again provide a slight cussion.

If the RX10 did not have built in ND, we could far more easily get into trouble taking photos in bright sunlight.


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