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I have been trying to get another X-T1 recently. I've figured out part of the reason they come in and out of stock is that people have been either returning them and some retailers have been packing them up and selling as new.

First was Bestbuy a few weeks ago (via online). Got the kit and it was obviously opened, cords a mess and lacked a battery! Serial 41A03xxxx (pre button and light leak fix). Returned it...

Next was Amazon last week. Got the kit and the camera looked like a dog had been licking it...just an absolute mess. There were actual lip marks on the LCD. Serial 41A03xxx...returned it...

Finally, Kenmore had the body only. Got it...perfect. Clicky back buttons (NOT my imagination...they are far better). Pristine. Serial 42A01xxxx (note incremented second digit). No light leak. Keeper for sure!

I guess that's what happens when manufacturers announce a serial # range with issues combined with a short supply and generous return policies...there are massive returns and incentives to resell returns as new.

There's the "buy from a reputable dealer" thing, which in this case worked. But I've had the same thing happen in the past with reputable dealers as well.

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Some dealers do it????????

Any dealer that has a liberal return policy does it. They'd go out of business if they didn't.

Only cameras that have obvious defects with the packaging or minor scratches, etc are sold as open box and sold at a slightly reduced price.

Cameras that are used and returned in like new condition are repacked and resold as new.

Someone has to "suffer" for the liberal return policies and it's not going to be the retailers (unless they're dumber than dirt).

People who argue about this and don't believe it's true are simply part of the gullible American buying public. And, no, there are no laws in the U.S. that protect the consumer from this business practice. It's all part of the liberal, no questions asked, no restocking fee, return policies.

I always demand 100% never used products for a full payment. If problems, skip the US and buy from Asia.


But in that case, you'll potentially have long shipping times, customs duties upon import and with some camera manufacturers warranty issues as well.

Please correct me here if I'm wrong, but have we not had cases where a camera from a different region would not get service in another geo?

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