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Re: better IQ with regard to noise

This is in continuation of this thread by Anders W:

I somehow felt bad for Leica owners because of this post:

"I don't know any M9 owners (myself included) who "shoot for color" much beyond ISO 640 (maybe 800)"

Perhaps Leica guys (and some other photographers) don't know their cameras well?

Heck with ISO 1600 in OP, here is the same shot with ISO 2500, but processed in Photoshop, with high ISO presets I had for E-PL5 but slightly adjusted.


I don't think it's bad, is it?

And for Leica owners who are "very picky and technical M9 shooters stick to ISOs 160, 320, 640, 1280... and SWEAR a processing penalty at other ISOs.", the same studio shot at ISO 1600 has much less noise than ISO 2500 shot. ISO 2500 is the worst scenario for M9 within available studio samples.

If we look at noise structure it's much better than ISO1600 shot in previous thread - there is no these horrible demosaicing artifacts and no this strong chroma noise.

Here is a screenshot of 500% zoomed Leica image from previous thread I uploaded earlier

dcraw, ISO1600

This is a better processed one, from ISO 2500 sample

ACR, Noiseware, ISO2500

Both are at 500% zoom, my new example is smaller because I didn't crop original image.

Detail level on Photoshop processed shot is much better in high contrast areas, but low contrast area may be smeared a bit. It all depends on processing settings, I preferred to improve details where they matter.

Dcraw conversion from previous thread, zoom 200%, ISO 1600

ACR conversion + noiseware pro, ISO 2500.

What I'm saying is that the processing matters a lot. I don’t think there is a 100% neutral raw converter that treats noise in the same way for all cameras. Any raw converter will favor one camera more than another. DCRAW Bayer demosaicing artifacts are much more pronounced on Leica M9 image than on E-M5 image, for example.

Obviously, E-M5 files will also look better with proper processing. But how much better - it's another exercise.

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