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About B&H's return policy

ryan2007 wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

This is why you buy cameras from camera stores especially when your spending over $1,000 just for a body.

If you were into expensive Swiss watches that cost thousands would you buy them from Amazon, a non authorized reseller of (name the brand) IWC, JLC, whatever or an actual Jeweler. In short, non AD's file off the serial numbers from those costly swiss watches, but thats another story.

Spend the extra money if you have to and stick to B&H, Adorama (which I hate btw) and whatever other speciality camera store even if its local to your area.

Heck, I just got a toy p&s from Canon just to play, the SX170 for $150 new. nice little camera, good hand grip, from B&H.

Actually, B&H and all the other dealers you mention will repackage returned (like new) goods as new. Henry has stated as such here. My local dealer (Normans) which has a great reputation has done the same, and they don't even have a great return policy.

That said, I don't think I would ever see 2 cameras that ridiculously "not new" from B&H...they would check them over and make sure they are at least clean and have all accessories.

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I think B&H has specific standards (published) how many exposures and how much video you can shoot and still return the camera as new.

That used to be B&H's policy although I think that they occasionally made exceptions and would let customers return a camera that had more than 200 shutter clicks, provided a good reason was given. That policy was lifted last year, at least 9 months ago. Here are a couple of quotes from henryp :

I've purchased regularly from B&H and been happy with them for a long time, but stopped buying cameras from them when they changed their return policy to refuse returns of cameras with more than 200 shutter clicks.

Just recently, I took a look at their return policy, and I can no longer find that restriction. I did some quick searching, here and elsewhere on the web, and I haven't found any mention of a change in their return policy.

Can anyone confirm that they have, in fact, changed the policy?

Yes. You are correct. The restriction has been lifted. Each return will be evaluated individually.


Unless I'm missing something in their return policy, they reserve the right to charge a restocking fee if the return conditions are not met, which are still very liberal. It looks like they eliminated the 200 shutter actuation limit for cameras, but the rest seems the same AFAIR - complete satisfaction, 30 days to return the purchase, etc. Did I miss something?

That pretty much sums it up. We reserve the right to charge a restock fee but rarely do so. In the infrequent situation where we would, the customer is informed beforehand. A restock fee might be applied, hypothetically, when the returned item shows sufficient signs of use it has to be sold as an open-box or used item at a lower price. As I said, it happens very rarely. We would not normally charge a restock fee for a product being returned due to our error or an out-of-the-box defect.


(I was considering a referbed D800 but was not quite sure and decided to wait until black friday) But now there was mention of a restocking fee, it seems I will not be buying any more lenses or anything anymore.

A refurbished D800 would come to us from Nikon USA and then sold to you. If upon inspection you wished to return it for exchange or refund I cannot offhand think of a normal situation for which a restock fee would be applicable.


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