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Just something to add to this interesting topic, think about this reversely. Now we time travel back to 2006, the year the 30D just came out then someone on DPREVIEW creates a thread " 8 years later, my Nikon F100 still going strong, I don't feel to need to go for the latest cameras like the 30D, why should I upgrade? " You get my point? This logic can go in endless cycles if one really think " enough" is so simple and pure as one might think regardless of currently available technology, then why one does not use a Nikon F100 instead of a 30D or even more so why Nikon F100? Go straight for the Nikon F which was introduced back in 1959, I'm sure it can still produce stunning pictures from the negatives. We can make up all sorts of reasons and justifications for our choices, but is it wrong to choose a Nikon F? A Nikon F100? Or the new 30D which was just introduced ? Which is not enough? The fact is we all have our limitations and compromises in life in reality whether be it from a financial consideration perspective or personal skill limitation perspective, just accept our limitations, but one fact will never change regardless of gears and era: Your own photographic knowledge and skill sets as a photographer, if you are good enough you can produce great pictures out of a disposable film camera.

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