New Camera 7D?

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Re: New Camera 7D?

mabellucyhays wrote:

Vigy wrote:

i need now a new crop camera. would 7d will be suggested?

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i had a 40D for several years and never used to its potential. I always wanted more megapixels because I crop a lot.

i anxiously awaited the release of the 70D and was all set to purchase when it came out.

the more I read about the favorite features the more I realized it didn't fit me.

i have no interest in video or an articulating screen.

Ninety percent of my pics are outside and over half of them are action. My camera is taken on hikes, 4-wheelers, and often around livestock. It is never abused but I wanted a more rugged camera just in case.

i am so happy with the 7D. I am slowly learning to make use of many of the features the 40D had and more.

if I had been doing inside pics or wanted video I may have chosen the 70d.

thank you mabellucyhays.

your post is most welcome. the only draw back as i see it is that the 7d is already an old model. so why to go with older model? you just got me to think about my needs. i do think that the 7d is closer to the 40d in features but why togo with old model. thank you very much for the post...

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Be Happy, Vigy
Sorry but English is not my tongue...

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