Photo challenge...

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Flat view
Fish Chris
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Photo challenge...

I just love this shot, as far as the subject, and pose is concerned. Focus looked good too. But it was a REALLY low light, ISO 3200 shot, and it turned out to be REALLY noisy.

I'm pretty well versed at isolating the BG and stomping out noise back there..... but when it comes to noisy fur, or feathers, I'm still pretty much at a loss.

If somebody here has a good method / program for this, can you please give it a shot on this one, then let me know what you did to achieve it?


This is actually something I've been meaning to mention, as LOTS of my shots have either feathers or fur in them, and many of the lower light ones have at least a little noise in them... but of course that's better, than a little less noise, and much less detail too.....

Anybody ?

Thank you,


edit: I just remembered this little feature in Photomatix called Microsmoothing. Worked really well for HDR's.... but not even sure if I could import a regular JPG into there, to use this on ? Hmmm.

Are their other "micro smoothing" types of programs out there ?

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Flat view
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