Needing Help w/ OMD E-M1 AF Tracking Tips for Moving Subjects

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Alex Notpro
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my settings, documented tests

After some trial-and-error and practice, I've been able to get results that are comparable to my old D7000. Here are two documented tests:

Important settings and comments:

  • AF mode: "C-AF TR" and plain "C-AF" work very differently, but both work if used correctly. 
  • Custom Menu A - C-AF Lock should be set to OFF
  • Focus Area needs to overlay the PDAF areas - I now just set mine to the smallest center point to keep it simple
  • Must use 'Sequential L' Drive mode. 'H' mode disables C-AF after the first frame.
  • Face Detection, Full-Time AF - turn both of these off, these settings have a tendency to distract the camera while you wait for the subject to move into position, and then lose time before the first frame can be taken.
  • For the documented tests I used Live View and shot one-handed in order to film with the iPhone in my left hand; results are much better when shooting with the EVF and both hands on the camera.
  • Release Priority must be OFF.
  • IBIS: With the default factory settings, the E-M1 disables IBIS in the Sequential Drive modes. Keep this default, or turn off IBIS completely. IBIS also seems to be disabled automatically at 1/1250s and above. I seem to get better C-AF results when IBIS is not engaged.
  • Lenses: the 42.5 and 14-150 have worked best for me. The 100-300 works best at wider FLs. The 60/2.8 does not work at all.
  • The first shot in a burst is often misfocused
  • Even with C-AF TR, you need to be able to pan the camera and keep the subject near the center of the frame during the entire burst. This takes some practice.
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