Camera options that can use Canon EF L Lenses for Video?

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Re: Camera options that can use Canon EF L Lenses for Video?

BabyNSX wrote:

I still use a 5D Mk1 for stills, and I don't really need to upgrade to a Mk2 or a 6D, however I want to shoot Video using my L series Lenses.

What is a reasonable priced body (SLR or mirrorless) that will allow me to attach my EF lenses and still retain AF whilst zooming? I dont mind using lens mounting adaptors if necessary.

Thank you in advance

I think that means you can currently only use a Canon camera or a Sony E mount camera with an adapter.

There are a few different adapters that allow AF (and IS) on the likes of the FF Sony A7/A7R or APSC E mount cameras.

In most cases though the AF is slow and in some may well not be useable for video.

For AF, probably better off with a Canon (though I am sure things will get better)...some may be worth looking at.

If you give up the AF, then there are lots more cameras you can use.....M4/3 and BlackMagic for instance.     One of the Blackmagic cameras comes with an active EF mount (just not AF and IS I think.)

Best to look at more video oriented sites.

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