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Re: Another camera choice decision

plasmaj wrote:

I've thought about the GX7, but right now think I would prefer the Olympus. The better video would be big bonus. Also I prefer the GX7 style/ looks over the e-m10 ( just a personal preference).

The GX7 has much better ergonomics, handling and interface than the EM10. Not that the EM10 is a bad camera, but to me it's too small and fiddly. If you're used to the Panasonic ease of use, you'd be disappointed with the convoluted Olympus menu system. The GX7's streamlined body is great.

Ive shot a bit of video with my GX7 and it's very impressive! Better than my GH2.

I have used nothing but Panasonics the past 8 years and have been pretty satisfied, but always felt the OOC jpegs have been ok but not great. I am hoping I will like Olympus better, but maybe that is naive andi won't really be able to tell much of a difference.

I think the Panasonic JPEGs, especially in the latest generation cameras are vastly improved over earlier models. I've always found Oly JPEGs over saturated and unnatural and they seem to apply too much sharpening. Shooting RAW is better, but not something everyone wants to do.

the other issues I have with the gx7 are

- IBIS is not supposed to be as good which is a factor if I use a non- stabilized Tele like the Olympus 40-150

The GX7s IBIS is supposedly nearly on par with the EM5 in some situations. But it still doesn't trump good handling and technique, which is easily learned and works with ANY camera.

The Panasonic 45-150mm has OIS, which is optimized for the lens. OIS is more effective with longer lenses than IBIS.

- even with the recent price drop, it still seems expensive relative to Olympus, especially since Olympus has a discount on the 45mm when buying a new body

The GX7 really is underrated And the lower prices I've seen lately are great. The feature set is pretty comprehensive and it's extremely customizable, too.

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