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Replies and comments re: Road show

Stephen wrote:

Hi mate nothing like a siren to get people's attention, and that's the case here. What I like is the way the street lights in the image also seem transfixed on the vehicle, everything points to it.

Thanks. I hadn't noticed the the street lights' gaze; that's a happy chance detail.

Roel wrote:

I love how misty circumstances can create a monotone feeling to an image that is in reality a colour image. Add to that the sideshow attraction of a passing ambulance that brings literal colour to a dreary scene : the anonymous shelter-dwellers look on with interest.

The view is nicely framed by the grabbing arm of the lamppost on the right, and the succession of shelters and lampposts on the left.

With my eyes half closed I imagined a 16:9 crop (even more cinematic) that slices the bottom part and makes the yellow line of the road end up in the bottom right corner. But I am afraid that such a crop would be quite too close to the bottom of the shelter, creating a cramped feeling.

Yes, I tried that crop and it was too tight to the shelter, as you say. Also, the frame width on the right was constrained by the edge of a trash can, which I cropped off.

Scott wrote:

I really like the light in this and the composition seems perfect to me, with the ambulance in just the right position and everything else seeming to point or attend to it. Assuming the ambulance is moving pretty fast, you did a good job timing the shutter release to position the ambulance so nicely. Great shot.

Thanks. This was the second vehicle, after a police car, so I got a "practice" snap first. On this, I pressed the shutter when the aid car was behind the commuters.

Andrew wrote (twice):

First: A well composed image of an everyday life experience. The shopper with his bag in the shelter, the EMS vehicle, the empty roadways, the mist all add to the image. Well seen.

Second: I did try the crop so that the yellow stripe leaves the bottom right corner and the other the left corner. I think I prefer it to the original. That said I am struck by the perfectness of the exposure. It could not have been better.

Thank you Andrew (or thank the Mind of Canon); it was shot on Auto with matrix metering.

Background: Bound for Seattle, I was waiting for a bus to the ferry landing 25 minutes away. Just a few minutes on the bus, we came to the accident site; a bicyclist had inexplicably made a left turn into the side of an earlier, moving bus on the same route. Last I heard, she is in ICU.

Looking back I was struck by the procession of reactions dependent on time/place, etc.

  • Attention of bored, waiting commuters briefly diverted by siren-screaming aid cars;
  • rubber-necking commuters craning for a glimpse of carnage as our bus crawled through the accident scene;
  • anxious commuters concerned about missing the 7:05 ferry, being late for work/appointments;
  • once aboard the ferry, intense speculation-talk about the accident -- inevitably someone has facts, gotten through their hand-electronics;
  • disembark at Seattle, life goes on, (though tenuously for a bicyclist).
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