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Some pretty crisp images, couldn't help but notice the exif info..........what lens combo did you use to get to 1000mm?

Thanks, Mike

500f/4L IS + Canon 2x III extender got me the 1000mm. Not recommended due to the slow focus, but it does work in a somewhat soft sort of way unless the subject is real close, in which case it can be plenty sharp. I bought a 600f/4L IS, which I like a little more except for the weight. I haven't been real successful with it on birds with the 2x extender though. 1200mm is a lot of focal length, and I have a tendency to start out too low with my aim on flyers. That results is a lot of missed shots. The Great Blue Heron shot was with the 600f/4 and 2x extender (1200mm). I was too close to get him all in the frame.

That is interesting that you "have a tendency to start out low with" you aim with your 600mm lens. I do the same think with my new 600mm. Now that I realized I want to start low I know to start higher. I have a tough time finding things in the VF when I use a 1.4x and my 6d. It is even harder with my crop camera 7d. For bif I tend to look for a stationary bird that looks like it is about to take off and then wait for it to take off. Fortunately, the lens gets such sharp pic of stationary birds, I am often happy enough with those shots.

Yep, stationary birds is a no brainer with long focal length Canon primes. I don't have enough bird brain to wait out the birds until they fly when they are perched. Sometimes I get lucky, but most of the time I get distracted and miss take off.

Without the extender on the 600mm I'm fine. The field of view is rather wide, birding wise with a FF body. When I cut it in half with the 2X extender, that's when I have a little more trouble finding the birds in the air.

Enjoy your 600f/4. They are fantastic lenses.

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