Need digital camera silent shutter for stage pictures (zoom a must)

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Panasonic GX7 seems about the best fit for you.

kris10m wrote:

I have missed too many good shots of my kids the last few years! (See that blur? That one's mine).

High school graduation and a lot of "lasts" coming next year. Need a good camera that will take pictures indoors and out (graduation in the stadium, choir, band & orchestra in the auditorium). Will need a good zoom (super zoom?)

My daughter is a pianist and I can't use a camera that makes a shutter sound during concerts, so a DSLR is out. (Some programs have actually stated "no 'snap' photography) Seriously took a Nikon D3300 to her last concert and took one picture. CLLLIICK! (Oops.) :/

Need a fast capture & display so I'll know if I need another shot! Would love to be able to take still photos while videotaping, too.

Liked the looks of the Nikon P600, but it seems to be slow to capture & show up on the screen. Canon SX50 felt wimpy (really, I have to raise the flash myself?) I like WIFI capability, but it's not a deal breaker (and the Nikon ap was a total dud.) Have a Panasonic Lumix point & shoot, but the zoom is only 8x.. not enough.

I am a TOTAL amateur (so obvious, right?), but want quality pictures. Would be willing to spend up to $800, but would prefer to keep it under $500.

So, basically I need a magic camera.

Advice? Thank you in advance!

Close to your budget, is quiet in normal modes but has a silent shutter mode (and it IS silent).

Is ok at ISO 3200 (the max that the silent shutter works).    Has a high resolution EVF and tilting touch screen and also touch shutter.

Has stabilization for stills (not video) so you could put any cheap old long lens on and have it stabilized.    Video is not stabilized but is very good.

The camera is not perfect (what is) ...there is no mic jack (the built in mic is ok though) video quality is very good if limited in some ways (max ISO for video is also 3200).   Better to record audio separately anyway though (a Zoom H1 is cheap and very good).

GX7 Can have banding in some lighting at some shutter speeds in silent/electronic shutter mode...should not be an issue for concerts.     Some things are turned off in silent shutter mode too (IE flash and higher ISOs above 3200).     Panning quickly in silent/electronic shutter mode can have bad rolling shutter (in stills).

The GX7 is a high spec camera with decent IQ for stills and video.

The GM1 would maybe also be good but is pretty much a GX7 made small and  has left things out or lower spec to make it so small....the only thing it does over the GX7 is the silent/electronic shutter has less rolling shutter and a higher max shutter speed in electronic mode (1/16000 VS 1/8000...with the mechanical shutter it is 1/500 for the GM1 VS 1/8000 still for the GX7).

I would certainly look at and try a GX7 for what you want.

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