New Camera 7D?

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Re: New Camera 7D?

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Mark B. wrote:

70Der wrote:

Vigy wrote:

i need now a new crop camera. would 7d will be suggested?

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Sorry but English is not my tongue...

No..the 70D is going to have more features than the 7D.

That only makes sense if the OP wants/needs features like wi-fi and a rotating screen. The 7D has a more rugged build, slightly faster frame rate, larger buffer, more AF options, and uses CF cards rather than SD.


Who WOULDN'T want new features like wifi or rotating screen?

Umm...anybody that doesn't necessarily need them?  I have yet to use wi-fi on the 70D.

And SD cards was actually one of the reasons I wanted to switch to a 70D.

Glad you like them.  I hate 'em, they're much too small - very easily misplaced and more difficult to handle than a CF card.

I would trade all those parts on the 7D for the rotating screen and wifi any day. Total game changers.

The screen can be useful.  I'm not sure yet about wi-fi.

You gotta try it! I have spent sooo much time using it for wifi remote it's wonderful, it helps tremendously for test shots of myself with different lighting

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