Hiking/travel tripod: Sirui ET1204 or T-1205X; or Gitzo GT1542T, GT1544T, or GK1580TQ4?

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Re: Hiking/travel tripod: Velbon UT series another option!

deednets wrote:

Velbon UT ...


A 2nd vote for Velbon UT series.

The problem I have with some other vendors, like Sirui, is that their compact tripods do not expand tall enough for me.

With Velbon, you get the best of both worlds. Extremely compact, light weight and expands to something I can use. I can't speak to the relative stability since I have not had both to compare. However, the Velbon seems stable enough for my needs.

The model numbers are confusing though. I have the UT45L which came with a pan head that I don't use. I think the model number for the legs-only is UT40L.

BTW, a great head to get is the FLM Centerball FLCB24E since it has a small outer diameter which allows the legs to fold in tightly. B&H has them for $67.

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