A Fascinating Fuji X-E2 Vs. Leica T Comparison Blog Post

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Re: A Fascinating Fuji X-E2 Vs. Leica T Comparison Blog Post

bavarius6 wrote:

Bigheadtaco wrote:

bavarius6 wrote:

Thanks for posting. It really does read as if it's written by someone desperate to find the Leica is better......but struggling to do so.

I mean the Leica RAW files have a superior "feel", really?


Hi there,

You're right, I didn't really explain what I meant by "feel" so I'll try my best now. When I open up the DNG file on CS5, I have most settings on auto. When I look at the image, I don't have to do much to it. The DNG file looks almost good to go without adjusting much. WB looks good, exposure is good, recovery, fill light, blacks all pretty good. I tweak the tone curve slightly, and I add sharpening later in unsharp mask. It's funny but this auto view as a DNG looks very different from the JPEG in terms of colour saturation, contrast, shadow detail. It has nothing to do with my auto settings because when I open up DNG files from other manufacturers, the standard JPEG often look similar to the DNG files at first. I took a screen shot of what I mean concerning the truck picture. Tell me what email address to send to and I will send it to you. Also, you can email me and I can email the screen shot back (takeat bigheadtacodotcom).

As for being desperate to find something positive about the Leica T, my desperation wasn't from a lack of things to like, it was the fact I only had the camera for 3 days, 2 of which was pouring rain. I usually have a camera for 3 weeks to a month so I really get to spend a lot of time with the cameras I review. If you look through some of my other reviews, I try not to be too technical in my reviews, as there are plenty of websites that specialize in that sort of thing, including DPReview. If you want to see specs and details, I usually tell people to check out other sites for those types of information.

I'm a streetphotographer, so I try and review from that perspective. I focus mostly on ergonomics and functionality of the cameras I'm reviewing. I also try and review only the cameras I want to use while shooting street, and if I don't like a camera, I don't post a review. I've reviewed plenty of cameras I didn't like very much so I didn't post a review. I'm pretty sure I'll have fun with the Leica T, but I won't know for sure unless I get to use it for more than a few days.

As mentioned in the comparison review, I was really doing it for fun. I had both cameras anyways, so I thought I would just play around a bit. There's no point in comparing the Leica T with the Fuji X-E2. I don't think the price point merits a comparison, nor more than comparing a Bentley or Rolls Royce with a Lexus. I hope I made my viewpoint clearer? Thanks for viewing my blog and reading my tongue-in-cheek review. I'm a small guy in a sea of big websites, so every click and every view helps. I will be doing Youtube videos soon so perhaps my thoughts can be more clear in the future!


Thanks for your reply BHT,

I do understand where you are coming from and that it was more of a fun review than a serious test. I am also a person that believes you get what you pay for but only up to a point and past that point (I believe) people are paying more for a name or a label. I am not talking about the Leica M cameras as they really are 'custom' bodies inside and out. I can appreciate the build quality of the T physically but it still houses the same (great) Sony 16mp sensor as many other APS-C bodies do.

I've always believed that RAW files from any comparable camera can be given a 'look' given the right software and knowledge. I note that you describe fine detail smearing on the XE2 which suggests you weren't using the best software for the Fuji files or maybe I'm wrong? I also am not a big pixel peeper so when people start to mention 'micro contrast' I tend to lose interest in what comes next.....

I however haven't held or used a Leica T and knowing my weakness for all things engineered from milled aluminium I think it's best that I never do!


Hi Pat,

I remember the good old days of film. It was the great equalizer in terms of image quality. Grab a famous point and shoot (Nikon 35Ti, Yashica T4, Konica Big Mini) and put it up against a serious SLR (Canon Eos 1, Nikon F5, Minolta Maxxum 9) using the same film (Fuji Velvia, Kodachrome 64) and you got what you got. You couldn't talk your way out of the results.

Now we have the lens, the sensor, and software. Many feel the RAW file is like film, but it is not. Even if 5 cameras had the same sensor and use the same lens (through adapters), you won't get the same RAW image results. I know there are specialized software now that can remove any manufacturer manipulations to the RAW file, but nobody (or very few) do that for shooting purposes. Each brand has a certain way to render an image, and each brand also optimizes the rendering by matching the software to their own lenses. Fuji is unique with their X-trans non-bayer layout sensors, but most cameras are using a sensor that's in 4 or 5 (or more) other cameras.

As for branding, I guess it really depends on what we choose to value. Some are willing to pay triple for something that is 10% better, while others will never put faith in buying a brand. I have $30 American Eagle jeans, but i also have $200 Ernest Sewn jeans. I would say the Ernest Sewn jeans are twice as good (made in Japan denim, cut and sewn and processed in USA), but at almost 7 times the price. The same goes for boutique coffee vs Mc Cafe. We all decide what we're willing to pay a premium for, and what we're not. Leica is a premium brand.

I'm certain that if the M body was built in Japan by Sony or Panasonic at equal quality as a German made M, they could drop the price by at least 30-40%. But that would take away from the perceived quality and premium value of the Leica M brand. The Leica T is trying to hit a certain price point, and for the most part I think they've succeeded. It's still twice the price of the competition (if we can call it that), but I think they are careful not to over-over price it. I think the EVF is way over-priced (I'm certain I saw it was made in China) and that the M-adaptor should have been included.

But you're right about holding the camera. As much as people argue the merits of paying a premium for basically a block of aluminium, when you hold it, you can't help but 'feel' the value!! I bought the Ricoh GR Limited Edition, and the glossy hammered metallic finish and wood handle makes me 'feel' better about shooting with it. I know it's not a technical characteristic that will help me take better pictures, but it's an emotional attachment that encourages me to value it and want to use it more.

Thanks again for commenting, and please return to my blog for more upcoming reviews and articles. I'm just a one-man operation and enjoy the interaction with fellow camera-photo-nerds... I mean connoisseurs!!


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