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Re: Ice Leaves Impressions

Scott Whittemore wrote:

E-500, ZD 14-54. This is a shot from a few years back when I lived in New England. I miss the ice but I don't miss the 6-month duration of it.

Apologies to Zinfandel for my earlier mis-post (as a reply to his "Road Show" post) and the loss of his comment, in which he said the upper left portion evoked a cat for him and he might crop out all but that. (Feel free to correct/clarify, Zin. )

The location of your ice post amidst my mist post was absolutely not a problem for me; it raised the overall artistic tone of my post considerably. I do admire your talent for getting things moved. In a few years we'll be moving our piano to a daughter's place. I'll call you.

The gist of my lost tongue-in-cheek (or maybe just cheeky) comment was that the upper left quadrant of your image resembles a young cat intently watching a bug, the cat seen from above and behind. I would be inclined to crop away everything but the cat, notwithstanding its tail is rather uncatlike -- too rigid.

Ice Leaves Impressions (E-500, ZD 14-54)

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