Infrared with Fisheye

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Re: Infrared with Fisheye

Raskolnikow90 wrote:

Infrared clouds, very nice in 2+3
How did you got the IR filter on the Fisheye?
I got this lens a few weeks ago, because the panasonic 14mm wasn't wide enough for my taste. I love IR-landscapes as you showed them.
Best way i found atm. was to just "hold/balance" the filter in front of the Lens. In combination with a step-up/step-down ring the filter doesn't touch the front element (use one more ring if you want to focus closely, the front element will move and maybe get scratched!)

For those who want to try IR fisheye, you can get a front mount fisheye adapter and use it on a lens like a 28mm legacy lens and just put the IR filter between them.

Not going to be as nice as Bob's but can still be ok.

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