Sony vs Sigma blue and gray resolution measurements

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Re: Per pixel? Per image?

FF or aps-c on A7r is irrelevant because the pixels don't change size. The only thing that changes are the 2d dimensions. The center section and the target will be exactly the same size regardless of the setting on the camera.

It's an indicator of how well similar size pixels (4.9 micron sigma and 5 micron sony) resolve.  It's particularly interesting because the a7r has no aa filter so we can see what the absence of the aa filter does for the bayer image.  Of course a Nikon D800 (not D800e) in the mix would make things even more intersesting but incompatible mounts make that very difficult.

The whole point is see how much difference there is in resolution.  You do need to read the links I posted to get informed as to the theory behind the experiments.


Aku Ankka wrote:

In a hurry now, so not really reading about your methodology. Are you measuring "per pixel"? By this I mean SD1 vs. 15Mp crop of A7r? If so, I don't see what is the point as the results don't tell anything about how much either camera resolved details.

Anyhow, if I have the time, I hope to repeat your test on my camera and to post the result. Terribly busy now though and my printer is broken so can't print the test target at the moment.

Cheers, Aku

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