Noise in E-620 Photos

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Re: Noise in E-620 Photos

Dennis From NJ wrote:

I'm getting significant noise in photos taken at night like the one below. Any suggestions on the cause and how to eliminate or reduce the noise are greatly appreciated. I can significantly reduce the noise using Lightroom but I'd prefer to avoid it in the first place. Photo taken with E-620 and Zuiko 70-300mm f 4.0-5.6 lens.

Taken at 300mm; f/22; ISO 100; 1/20 sec.

Thank you!

We would really need more information. The E-620, for all of its qualities, is a noisy camera just like all of the other E-cameras of that era and older. So proper settings for clean images are a necessity.

• Were Noise Reduction and Noise Filter both turned on?  Noise Reduction is specifically for long exposures. Noise Filter is for generally controlling noise at higher ISOs. I usually keep NR at LOW. When I shoot ISO 2500 on my E-5, I set NR at STANDARD.

• Why ISO 100? This is going to increase the noise and also decrease dynamic range. I would have set the ISO to 800 (or possibly as high as 1600) and dealt with the noise in post. At higher ISOs, the exposure time would have been significantly shorter with reduced noise as a result.

• As others have pointed out, the lens should have been set for a smaller aperture. f/11 is equivalent to f/22 on a 35mm frame, so f/11 might have been optimum. Anything smaller might have led to diffraction effects. I don't know for sure. I don't own that lens.

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