Zeiss 16-70, when I zoom the lens with the EVF the EVF swings to dim or bright

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Re: 5nex7, it was happening in "A mode at f/5.6 & f/8 and "P mode". I'm not

Jerry R wrote:

5nex7, it was happening in "A mode at f/5.6 & f/8 and "P mode". I'm not about the other f stops.

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Both A and P mode use fixed F stops, so no iris variations with exposure variations, the iris will not change when you are pointing to different lights / shadows, so no jumps in image brightness, but still you have iris variation when you change the focal length, at the same F stop, so, maybe iris by focal length adjustment lag... if it is so, I think that you can detect this lag if you look at the iris while zooming the lens.. maybe..

Like I said in the other post, I tried to replicate this behavior with A6000 and SEL1855 and I couldn't.. could be a lens problem ? I don't know..

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