A6000 vs. A77ii Continuous AF - Very confused

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JamieTux wrote:

In addition to Paul's response please read my post above http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53673131
The only person attacking anything is you - you are then forcing someone to "attack" you (in your eyes) back - by stating opinions and facts as Paul explained. Please reread the original posters question and then look at this part of the thread.

I'm not attacking. I'm defending my position that I am free to offer my opinion in an open forum, that neither you, nor Paul, owns or rules.

Some others share my opinions. It is my opinion that the A6000 is as formidable a camera as the A77ii is. I think it is incorrect information to see claims how the A77ii's AF system has to be automatically superior. While I'm seeing how people state that ultimately, the only way to know is by doing side by side tests and comparisons, at the same time stories are constructed and parroted around how an SLT can see the subject full time, uninterrupted. While that may be true, it does not imply that the A6000 is automatically inferior. Perhaps all the A6000 needs is a single frame to draw the conclusions it needs, and it can get that frame between each 1/11s shot.

Where do stories come into it? An SLT can see the subject full time, uninterrupted... It's not reading form the sensor, it's not blocked by a shutter and the mirror doesn't move... So that's a fact, not a story.

That does not mean that the AF system of the A77ii is better at tracking than the A6000 is, yet that *is* what is being implied.

Whether that gives any benefit is a different question but Paul did not give an opinion on performance.

A superiority was implied.

You have no idea who has done what testing though Mike... We've seen Gustav's latest (A77II work) so we know that there is at least one real physical operational body out there - as with all new releases there are probably NDAs in place too. Notice how no one else in this portion of the thread is giving an opinion and stating it as fact.

What's with all the must-not-express-opinions-because-you-might-pose-them-as-facts. It's not bloody contracts we're writing here.

In summary my opinion is that you need to calm down and stop taking Paul's objective list as a statement that the A6000 is an inferior camera and instead read it as a list of differences between the 2 cameras that may add cost (which is the question the OP asked).

I think the cost difference *could* be justified, but not in the same way. Yes, the extra physical stuff makes up part of it. The separate PDAF sensor does. The SLT mirror does. The weather proofing does. But I think what also is part of it, is that the E-mount bodies are subsidized in the hopes that people will buy expensive E-mount lenses.

But what drives all this, is the choices that people make. One might try to justify spending that extra money, and then see that the specs of the A6000 makes it just as competent of a camera system than the A77ii offers. Ok, so, that person might choose the A6000 then. But there are other issues, like the ones raised. Also, the E-mount lenses are expensive, not that all good A-mount lenses are cheap either.

So, what happens is that different view points materialize. Paul does not like my point of view.

The fact is that I am not going to try to be helpful and explain this to you again in this thread.

It is a fact that the aggression here is taking away from the creativity. It is *NOT* me that is being aggressive. I'm force to have to defend the fact that should be allowed to express my opinion, just like anyone else is. Things look all distorted now here. Nice.

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