A7 and A7r unacceptably slow

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Re: and yet somehow...

le_alain wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

le_alain wrote:

I'am very surprised from the answers to the OP.

first, he asked "why" and very few answer are "because"

Because he is wrong

second: he asked with "full AF"

And again, he is wrong, at least for the A7.

and all aswers are wrong for A7 and A7R, as it's without refocus betweend shots.

A7 is 2.5 and A7R is 1.5fps with full AF,

Actually, the A7 in speed priority can do 5fps and it will still AF......

Sorry, You are wrong.

its 2.5 with AF and 5fps with speed priority without AF, locked on first frame

I don't believe it is locked to the first frame.....it still tries to autofocus.

It doesn't work as well as a FF DSLR in this regard....

At least that is what some of the reviews indicate and though I only have the kit lens, it has been fun trying AF and I think it is better than 2.5 fps tracking.....

I will see what I get later today.

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