A Boring Photo.

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Re: A Boring Photo.

reelacks wrote:

Tony, congratulations on a brilliant photograph!  You've managed to flatten all the elements into two dimensions well with your careful placement choices.  You then mess with our minds with the heavy vignette.  The western viewer typically begins in the top left corner and the eye traverses down diagonally to the bottom right of the frame.  Along that path, the careful placement of the bird and then the light fixture, juxtaposed against the relatively darker bottom left and top right corners, is brilliant.  The bird, a metaphor for the human soul, is on that diagonal that encounters the light fixture and then the dark corner.  Is there no hope for the human soul?  Does it only end in darkness?  Or is there the promise of that light fixture turning on and suddenly casting light in all that darkness?  Half of the bird's body is in the drain and we are treated to the possibility that a flash shower may wash the bird away, especially if it's wings are broken and it can't fly.  The four distinct saplings in the lower left are placed brilliantly too because four represents the inherent poignancy of all things earthen.  This element solidly anchors an otherwise ethereal composition.

Well done!  An image that raises questions on many levels.



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