1DX - Portraits vs. Sports - The 1DX can do both - Next step Mamiya?

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Re: Why MF?

Dave Luttmann wrote:

The first question you need to ask is why MF? If it is portraits you are doing, currently 35mm FF have sufficient resolution. If you desire the best in color tonality and DR, then yes, MF wins hands down. If you are wanting DOF differentiation between subject and background/foreground, then other then the 80f1.9 for Mamiya, current 35mm Ff lenses can get you shallower DoF....albeit with different bokeh and look in general.

I've used MF film for over 25 years and there really is no question as to the difference in look between 35mm and Mf. The Pentax has me interested as I have been using Pentax gear for many years. I would take a look at the new Pentax 645Z over the older Leaf....although I do enjoy the different color palette that the CCD CFAs seem to offer.

Hi Dave,

I'm leaning toward MF because of some work I did recently with the 1DX, pieces 30X60, would have benefited greatly from the additional resolution.   I can't fill my frame completely with certain types of sports I shoot and must crop.  I've got amazing stuff that had to be reduced to 4.5MB based on the crop and it's just OK.

I noticed that the 645Z claims a 1/4000 SS.  My sweet spots are from 1/2500 to 1/4000.

Believe it or not, My REAL keepers NOW are the shots I get on "single shot" using "single point" AF with EVAL metering.  I can do this now because I know the movement of the athletes, it took 3 years to get this technique down.   With that being said, if I could capture shots like those above, all 1/4000 or below with the enhanced DR and resolution the 645Z would be a GREAT compliment to my 1DX.

Keeping the lenses below $10,000 at first would be ideal.  If I had a work horse like to f/2.8 70-200 USM IS II I could put on the 645Z, I think it would be a great starting point and one prime lens for portraits. I know $10K is tight, hoping it's realistic.



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