Noise in E-620 Photos

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Re: Noise in E-620 Photos

Yes, E-620 is pretty noisy. But you could do things to dramatically improve pictures of the moon.

- Moon is overexposed in your case. Lower the exposure (a lot), make several shots, so you can see all the details on the moon. Sky will be heavily underexposed, so it will be dark, with much much less croma noise as in your picture.

- If you want to improve existing picture - decrease exposure in Lightroom (or whatever you use), turn on some "chroma noise" reduction. Increase "blacks" slider (to dim dark parts of the image). You will be pleasantly surprised.

- 70-300 lens is really not sharp at f=5.6, but f=22 is an overkill. You loose sharpness due to difraction. You should use f=8-11 something.

- tripod of course, IS=OFF. Manual focusing with LiveView, and 10x magnification on screen. RAW format if you can deal with it in postprocessing.

-Many other factors blur the image you are trying to capture in your case. Especially in hot weather there is a lot of blur due to hot air turbulences between moon and your lens. This is common with all telephoto lenses. Try in colder climate, in deep night, out of cities (smog, even more hot air, lighting pollution), in really dry weather (water vapor blurs the image too). And on higher altitude. (Guess why Hi res telescopes reside somewhere high over Atacama desert).

- And experiment a lot with a camera, and when postprocssing.

- Good luck.

- If you are actually looking for reasons to buy a new camera, forget writing above, and go for it as soon as possible. It's not a crime if you want one.

With regards...

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