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sigala1 wrote:

Oldroadster wrote:

I am considering buying an E-M10 but I have a question about the anti shock setting. Does it have the 0 second setting that Olympus is adding to other models by firmware update or should we expect a similar update for the E-M10? I have read a copy of the manual but have been unable to find the answer elsewhere. Thank you in anticipation.

The E-M10 does NOT have the zero-second anti-shock, and there's no indication that Olympus is planning to add it.

It's possible (just speculation, I could be wrong), that it's something that the shutter mechanism in the E-P5 and E-M1 are capable of and the E-M10 is not.

I would highly recommend that you buy an E-P5 instead of an E-M10. Once you know about shutter shock, you WILL find it in your photos and it will be a constant source of aggravation.

In the 43rumors comment chain about a leaked E-M1 firmware update, a guy posted a link to a (now removed) page showing that Olympus was planning to add 0 second anti-shock to the 1.1 firmware update for the E-M10. I wish I had had the sense to screen cap it.

So, at the very least it's been rumored. For whatever that's worth.

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