A-mount on NEX but what field of view will I get?

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Re: A-mount on NEX but what field of view will I get?

Ad Eves wrote:

Hi, first post please be gentle!

I'm using the NEX5 for vertical aerial photography but because the autofocus is occasionally naughty I would like to experiment with manual focus lenses (which would be set once and fixed). To achieve this and still have auto aperature I can use the Sony A-mount adapter and choose an A-mount lens with manual focus. So far so good.

Now I'm pretty sure I understand 'crop factor' and how it effectively tells me what full frame lens will have the same field of view as my APS-C size NEX. - So if I shoot at 20mm with the NEX kit zoom it is the same field of view as a 35mm lens on a full frame camera. Field of view is really the primary metric for my work. (61 degrees horizontal FoV in this example)

But what my little brain is really struggling with is if I use the Sony A-mount adapter, and want the same field of view as I'm currently getting in the above example, what length A-mount lens do I need? Obviously the adapter gives the lens the right distance from the sensor for focus but I really don't get what, if any allowance I have to make for crop factor in reverse.

I really hope this makes sense to someone who can help. Thanks

An APS-C lens is an APS-C lens.  No matter if it is an A, or E Mount.

A FF lens is a FF lens.  No matter if it is an A, or E Mount.

FF lens on APS-C camera will be cropped and the effective focal range will increase.

Just stick with APS-C lenses and you will be fine.

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