70-200 FE f4 or DSLR and Tele?

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Re: 70-200 FE f4 or DSLR and Tele?

José B wrote:

ianbrown wrote:

I currently have the A7 and 24-70 FE F4 and that covers about 80% of my needs! however I do like to do a little wildlife and sometimes use longer lenses for Landscapes to compress image etc.

However the cost of the 70-200 f4 is £1250 when it eventually lands in the UK!

so another option would be to buy the Nikon D71000 and Tamron 70-300 which costs about £250 less than the Sony lens alone.

ok it's a stop slower at the long end but it will also give me about 450mm on a crop camera and given that most of my subjects will be still and outdoors a fast lens is not essential.

Which do you think?


Hi Ian,

It's really your call. I like the A7 + 70-200/4 but I prefer a vertical grip on the A7 for easier handling/balance. I've seen the new telephoto zoom lens and it is not small. I like the DSLR option too especially if it has a vertical grip. Portrait orientation can be tiring especially if you shoot for a few hours in the day.


You can get the LA-EA4 adapter and find a Sigma 70-300 OS DG lens.   It will have image stabilization and the lens should cost less than $300 US.  The LA-EA4 adapter will also open up access to all of the Minolta and Sony lenses that are available.  The size and weight of this combo will be close to the FE 70-200.

I have the FE 24-70 and the FE 70-200 for my a7.  It is a great combo to have.   The 70-200 is not too big on the a7 IMO.  Yes, it is a big lens, but it is not that big.   I think it actually looks larger in the photos than it really is.   I also have a Nikon D300 with 70-200 f2.8 Nikkor lens.  Now that is BIG and HEAVY.

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