Iridient Developer, SPP and Lightroom.

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I expect you'll receive several opinions.  Here's mine:

With a foveon camera you'll need to learn a new RAW developer.  Incorporate the easiest for you to use into your present workflow as much as possible.  SPP is free and Irident has a free trial that watermarks the image but doesn't expire.  Try them each if you have the time, stick with SPP if you don't.

LR which you mentioned and Aperture which I use are designed as Asset Managers that also develop RAW files, not the other way around.  I wouldn't assume that either will ever convert your Sigma RAW files.  If either does, correctly, then it will be like found money...nice but don't plan on it.

I personally find it easiest to shoot RAW + JPG.  I save the JPG's to Aperture, they're quite good actually.  They're at a minimum quite enough to make decisions about the need to process the RAW files.  I'm much more deliberate with my Sigma camera, slower and better at composition.  Although I get more "Keepers" this way the majority of images are still "OK but not special."  Those I don't process.

The differences between SPP and Irident, like the differences between LR and Aperture are mostly personal preference I believe.

I think that Irident does a fine job, and will continue to do so, as does SPP.  However, I have always believed if a camera manufacturer has proprietary software that they have some "secret sauce" that only they can deliver.  For Bayer sensored cameras the ease of use offered by Aperture or LR completely eliminates any craving for secret sauce.  For Sigma RAW files though...I'm not so sure.

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