Goodbye to a faithful companion

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Re: Goodbye to a faithful companion

the problem is... the focus isn't as good as i'm used to. and in situations like backlighting, the meter is complete garbage. and even manually exposed in backlight, the image quality is terrible. holding it, i want to think it's my D700, and it just isn't.

I certainly agree that the d300 isn't a d700, but either you're overstating the problems that you're experiencing, or you have a defective camera.

I say that based on several years of using the d300 & d700 side by side, and now, for the last couple of years, using the d3s and d300, side by side. My d300 doesn't exhibit significant differences from my d700, other than the noise. My d300 doesn't focus as fast/accurately as my d3s, but it isn't significantly different from my d700, IME.

i kind of suspect that we just have different ideas of "significant". certainly compared to the D3(s), the D700 and the D300(s) are much more similar in terms of focus performance. but i find that my D700 more likely to track accurately, and more likely to get an accurate lock-on with the contrast-detect points, and the D700 definitely seems more likely to stay locked on with any point. i'm definitely talking about slight differences, which are probably inconsequential compared to the difference between either and the D3.

part of this may be a genuine difference in the focus systems. i seem to recall seeing a multi-cam 3500 test posted here, which showed a big difference between the FX module in the D3(s) and the FX module in the D700, and a much smaller (but still measurable) difference between the FX module in the D700 and the DX module in the D300(s).

another part may simply be that i'm used to shooting with points that are a smaller percentage of the image.

I'd suggest sending yours in for service, before you need it for a big photo op.

as you say, i may be overstating the problem. it does okay, with some slight annoyances, like not staying locked on my extremely fast moving subject, or not having really great dynamic range and color at high ISO under the worst possible lighting conditions... under more normal conditions, it does just fine.

still, it's probably due for a check-up soon. i'll probably take it in after this weekend's races. i've only had it like 6 months, and i've already put like 50K actuations on it.

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