A77II first impressions on DPR homepage now

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Re: A77II first impressions on DPR homepage now

My mind may change over time as/if apps taking full advantage of the Wi-fi/NFC develops, but right now, the lack of GPS is enough to make me pause about the prospect of getting an A77II.

The GPS is the most important factor in me going with the Alpha series over the NEX series. Since getting my A65, I've done a series of treks, the longest being over a month long entirely on foot.

Weight and space is crucial to me, so I would never take a laptop for such expeditions. It was also one of two main reason I went with the A65 over the A77 (the other being that with smaller than average hands, the A65 feels better in *my* hands). Over time though, I started thinking that perhaps the trade-off between the A77 and A65 is a fair one, and thought I'd seriously look into the A77 successor. And I shall be looking at the full reviews when they are out. But *for me*, the convenience of having the GPS can't be understated. Right now, I suspect that even if I were to get the A77II, I'd mainly use it indoor, and stick with the A65 for my adventures. Which is a shame, as weather sealing is one reason I fancied moving to the A77 series.

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