Any hidden improvement after D800 FW update?

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Re: Any hidden improvement after D800 FW update?

Photo Pete wrote:

Has Nikon ever introduced hidden features in a firmware update? Surely it would put them in a legally awkward situation if they did and the updating user didn't actually want the change.
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Hi Pete, they might not be technically "hidden" but to someone like myself, who sometimes can't see the forest for the trees, they aren't always obvious. For example, the post by xtm on using the rec button to set ISO, I read the Nikon page on changes but missed the significance of this so I am glad to see a post like this.

Some cool images in your gallery by the way,

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Ah. I misunderstood. The query was whether there are any less obvious advantages of the changes they've made rather than if there are any changes they've made without announcing them.

I'll be upgrading over the next couple of days and am also keen to discover how the changes can be best used.

Very pleased to have trap focus back.

Nikon have been a bit slow on the firmware update but it's welcome. Now if they could only solve the AF assist focus issue and the slight shift in AF fine tune with different light colour temperature!
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Photo Pete

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