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Re: Anyone Home?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Messing around with the art filters on my camera over the weekend and I came across this rundown shed. Not sure if the pics are any good and if so, which version is more appealing. Interested in your thoughts.

Thanks for looking.


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I'm a big fan of decay, so you've hooked me right off the bat. Though normally I tend to favor b/w for these types of shots, I think the color version does a better job of highlighting the extent of the dilapidation here. What I think would be interesting is a square crop, losing the front of the building, and some sky. It would really highlight the relationship between the building and the boat (and the boat is an important element here).  Maybe something along the lines of this (also desaturated a bit and played with the colors/levels some).  Up-sized after cropping, so lost some detail/quality.

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