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Re: Experiment with one of my favorite subjects.....

Hi Andrew,

I've had the pleasure of doing just that. I used to get up early in the mornings and set up in the barrow ditch to photograph the backlit deer as they jumped the barbed wire fence before crossing 21 to get to the lawn of the Villa. The tour, as you say is great and indeed much of the grand old furniture is still there. There's a lot of history between the Philmont ranch, Rayado and Cimarron areas.

When my late wife and I visited we always stayed either at the James or the Casa. I guess I've looked over my left shoulder at the Tooth enough times that I'm compelled to retire there which I am doing this year.

Best regards,


Andrew Monka wrote:

Definitely a wonderful area of the country.. During the scout ranch's "off" season, the deer gather around the apple trees on the property. Especially across the street and a little farther down the road from the homestead. They will let you get about 20 ft away from them when you toss them apples..

If you get the chance, take a tour inside the homestead.. I believe most of the original furniture is there including a player grand piano.

I don't know if you heard, but there is a long term agreement that the Chase Ranch is now being cared for by the Boy Scouts. They will use it the same as the rest of their property and keep the beauty it has now.

Legion has it that if you look over your left shoulder at the Tooth of Time as you leave, then you are bound to return.. I'll be returning this October for a visit.

Thanks for sharing the picture and bringing back fond memories.


Lin Evans wrote:

It's a cool place isn't it? That's where I'm moving sometime later this year. Sherry and I made literally hundreds of trips there and got to know lots of the people who live in the area. I just got back from a trip to look at real estate and found the perfect place. Hopefully it will still be available when I get sold out here. When I was a scout, I always wanted to go to Philmont but it was over our budget. We did travel there several times and really always loved the area. One of my favorite western singers, R.W. Hampton lives a half mile up the road from a little ranch I looked at. He and his family are incredibly nice people - I messaged them on FB and his wife Lisa answered immediately. He's going to be at the Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering at Encampment, WY in July this year - think I'll go catch the show since I might end up being his neighbor.

The bear problem is fairly severe in Cimarron this year. They don't publicize it but had to kill eleven bears in town over the past year. In the little motel I stayed at with my dog last week, the owner has lion and bear hounds. One bear got into the house with an older lady who was bed-ridden. He scratched her up a bit but nothing serious. She passed away later, but it had nothing to do with the bear. People have to learn to use bear resistant containers for trash because the drought has brought them into town looking for easy fare. It's estimated that there are probably around 400 or more bears in the immediate area. About 150 on the Philmont Ranch, but then the Ex UUBar is 130,000 acres and between the Chase and Clearview ranches and Ted Turner's 580,000 acre spread there are lots more. It's great for the photographer. When I reached the first ranch with the realtor, there were a dozen deer lounging in the yard around the house. While we were standing in the yard talking, a red fox came sauntering by with a ground squirrel lunch in his mouth followed by a big crow telling him off - LOL. Saw lots of hawks, a couple Golden Eagles, coyotes, elk, deer, wild turkeys, etc. It's definitely a wildlife photographer's paradise there.

Best regards,


larryj wrote:

Nice photo Lin: My twin brother spent 2 weeks at the Philmont Scout Ranch when we were in Junior High School. Lots of memories there. Thanks for sharing.

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