Sony A6000 + Pixel TF-324 + Metz 48Af-1 flash

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Re: Sony A6000 + Pixel TF-324 + Metz 48Af-1 flash

ObiDanKenobi wrote:

Hi, I am trying to use my old flash (Metz 48AF-1) from A mount camera (Sony A57) with Sony A6000. A6000 has the new mount, so I got myself an adapter Pixel TF-324 to be able to fix the mount difference. I knew that I will loose the TTL/ADI connection and that is ok, I planned to use the flash in bounce mode anyway.

Now the problem: I set everything up but the camera does not sense that there is a flash, meaning the flash will fire but the camera is exposing as if there is no flash, is like using "slow sync" mode even if the settings is on "Fill Flash".

Does any of you guys have success in using an old minolta/sony flash with old mount on a camera with the new mount ? I know that the Sony adapter ADP-MAA exists, but i cannot buy that in Europe as it is nowhere to be found.


I have zero issues with older Sony / Minolta flashes on my A7 using Sony's adapter.

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