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ryan2007 wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

This is why you buy cameras from camera stores especially when your spending over $1,000 just for a body.

If you were into expensive Swiss watches that cost thousands would you buy them from Amazon, a non authorized reseller of (name the brand) IWC, JLC, whatever or an actual Jeweler. In short, non AD's file off the serial numbers from those costly swiss watches, but thats another story.

Spend the extra money if you have to and stick to B&H, Adorama (which I hate btw) and whatever other speciality camera store even if its local to your area.

Heck, I just got a toy p&s from Canon just to play, the SX170 for $150 new. nice little camera, good hand grip, from B&H.

Actually, B&H and all the other dealers you mention will repackage returned (like new) goods as new. Henry has stated as such here. My local dealer (Normans) which has a great reputation has done the same, and they don't even have a great return policy.

That said, I don't think I would ever see 2 cameras that ridiculously "not new" from B&H...they would check them over and make sure they are at least clean and have all accessories.

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I think B&H has specific standards (published) how many exposures and how much video you can shoot and still return the camera as new.

This is the B&H codes if you link to the Used cameras:

I just entered the X100 just for a arbitrary example, you click on the grade B&H gives the camera and this is Key that appears. Yes, it is for cosmetic condition. With a digital camera all you can do is turn it on and take a picture to test it.

Point is B&H will say if you are buying an open box item, I am sure Amazon and Best Buy do not.

All Used Equipment is tested and sold in working order.

The following scale is for cosmetic condition only.

All Used Equipment is tested and sold in working order.

The following scale is for cosmetic condition only.

OB Open Box with full manufacturer warranty

D Never owned - Used for demonstration purposes only

R Refurbished by the Manufacturer to original company's specifications

10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new

9+ Shows little or no signs of wear

9 Shows signs of use, but very clean

8+ Shows moderate wear or finish marks

8 Well used - may exhibit "dings" or finish marks

7 Shows considerable amount of use - More than average wea

6 Useable, but has considerable optical or mechanical imperfections. Returnable, but our 90- Day warranty policy does not apply.

N Brand new/Never used - In original manufacturer's packaging

I miss the very important statement: unopened. On ebay you can read: unused - unopened for new. How hard can it be!

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