New Camera 7D?

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Re: New Camera 7D?

70Der wrote:
Who WOULDN'T want new features like wifi or rotating screen?

If they come at the price of the mushy 8 way controller or lack of Spot-AF or CF card interface - thanks but no thanks. Have no use whatsoever for a rotating screen (although I photograph macro on a daily basis) nor wifi - I am usually miles away from the nearest WiFi hotspot and my smartphone is running down it's batteries fast enough without the drain of having that enabled!

And SD cards was actually one of the reasons I wanted to switch to a 70D.

I have thrown so many defective SD cards away that I don't care for these one iota - I handle them with extreme precaution but during a normal year I toss away 3-4 SD cards (Sandisk/Toshiba/Transcend) because they turned unredable in whatever device they were installed. SD-cards would be my worst nightmare on a camera. CF cards are small and fiddly but SD cards are impossibly fragile...

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