New Camera 7D?

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Re: New Camera 7D?

70Der wrote:

Who WOULDN'T want new features like wifi or rotating screen?

People who want a more rugged camera.

People who cannot have the potential security risk of wifi

People who like good ergonomics and don't want to chimp every couple of shots to drill down through a convoluted menu to change settings

People who buy proper field monitors

There are plenty of reasons to avoid the articulated screens.  Likewise, some people shun wireless networking for various reasons - some for cuckoo reasons like "radiation is bad for you" (um, only if it's ionizing radiation - which wifi is not), some for security, and some because it's just another thing to break.

And SD cards was actually one of the reasons I wanted to switch to a 70D.

I would trade all those parts on the 7D for the rotating screen and wifi any day. Total game changers.

Have you considered a wifi card and a field monitor?

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