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Re: Anyone Home?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Messing around with the art filters on my camera over the weekend and I came across this rundown shed. Not sure if the pics are any good and if so, which version is more appealing. Interested in your thoughts.

Thanks for looking.


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Disrepair / imminent collapse is an apt theme, and #2 better supports that because the details of neglect are more visible than in the B&W. For examples, rust stains are more prominent, details of the failing foundation are better seen, and the askew side panel stands out more. Also, in #2 the wrecked boat seems more of a companion to the building than in #1, where it's sorta lost to my eye. Added visibility of the derelict boat is a useful exclamation point to the theme.

Because deterioration on the right side of the building appears to be more dramatic than the left side, it might be worthwhile to shoot from a spot further right, so as to at least even-up visibility of both sides -- maybe even slightly favor the right side. Elevating the shooting position is another option. A higher perspective could mitigate the "falling away" look.  And/or maybe shoot from further back (if possible), with more tele?

Without seeing the original color photo, I'd still say that added color emphasis is unnecessary. Most viewers should "get it" without the push.

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