Going to give another a6000 a try

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Re: Going to give another a6000 a try

Ynos wrote:

IMHO (and this all is just my assumptions based on all info I acquired so far). Ironically tracking AF in A6000 IMHO will work best if you will not let the camera decide where to focus or track, but instead keep central focus on object yourself.

Unfortunately, through all the threads on the topic, you've come away with some wrong information.  Tracking AF does NOT work best by using central focus and trying to keep it on the target.  I have not yet shot a single moving subject using this technique.  Tracking a moving subject is best done using the camera's continuous focus abilities by choosing the best focus area or lock-on AF capability for the given situation.

Bird in sky flying around - AF-C, wide area focus.

Bird flying against busy background - AF-C and wide focus

Bird flying and there are any things in the foreground - AF-C, lock-on AF, spot or center focus area, acquire bird through lock-on AF, it will then track anywhere in the frame.

Bird sitting but anticipating it will fly soon - AF-C, lock-on AF, lock on the target with medium spot focus, it will track when the bird moves.

Same for sports, dogs, people, etc.  Just about the ONLY motion situation where a central focus spot and AF-C would be best would be for a non-erratic subject moving directly towards you - a car, bike, or person running who is coming in a straight line and would be easy to keep the center point on.  Otherwise, using different focus areas for different subjects will yield the best results, and knowing when lock-on AF might be advantageous.

Of course, the ability to keep the moving target within the frame is key - so learning good panning technique will help greatly.

Hope that helps when you get your camera.  Just practice with the different modes.

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