Another camera choice decision

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Re: Another camera choice decision

I've thought about the GX7, but right now think I would prefer the Olympus. The better video would be big bonus. Also I prefer the GX7 style/ looks over the e-m10 ( just a personal preference).

I have used nothing but Panasonics the past 8 years and have been pretty satisfied, but always felt the OOC jpegs have been ok but not great. I am hoping I will like Olympus better, but maybe that is naive andi won't really be able to tell much of a difference.

I feel like Panasonic had the video I like, Fuji has the OOC jpegs i like and am hoping Olympus is a good middle ground between the two.

the other issues I have with the gx7 are
- IBIS is not supposed to be as good which is a factor if I use a non- stabilized Tele like the Olympus 40-150
- even with the recent price drop, it still seems expensive relative to Olympus, especially since Olympus has a discount on the 45mm when buying a new body

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