Hiking/travel tripod: Sirui ET1204 or T-1205X; or Gitzo GT1542T, GT1544T, or GK1580TQ4?

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Re: Hiking/travel tripod: Sirui ET1204 or T-1205X; or Gitzo GT1542T, GT1544T, or GK1580TQ4?

TravelLight wrote:

I am in the market for a lightweight but sturdy travel/hiking tripod mostly for landscape work (specifically, long exposure or other conditions where handheld will cause blurring). After exhaustive research, I've narrowed things down to the following due to a combination of factors/features:

  • Sirui ET1204
  • Sirui T-1205X
  • Gitzo GT1542T
  • Gitzo GT1544T
  • Gitzo GK1580TQ4

Has anyone used any of the above? If so, could you share your experience? Their online reviews are all glowing so it's a bit overwhelming. Since some of these are body only (without tripod head), if you have specific recommendations on heads that go with the bodies, please share. I want a lightweight small ballhead (nothing fancy) that doesn't significantly add to the size/weight of the tripod, while at the same time is not exorbitantly expensive. I am using X-T1 with 55-200mm as the heaviest lens but interested in the supertele in the future. Currently have an older Manfotto tripod that just cannot safely support the weight combination anymore. Thanks.

Buy any of the Gitzo.

I have 6 different Gitzo tripod and monopod aged 25 years old to 6 months old. All of them have zero mechanical issue. I also owned a Velbon from 30 years ago, but all its legs can no longer lock. I also checked out some Sirui in my local camera store some years ago, most of the display models developed some issue due to customer abuses!

If you only going to buy 1 tripod, get the biggest you're willing to carry! Otherwise, just choose any size you want at the time.

Do forget to check out the head before buying!

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