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Re: As people says...

PrebenR wrote:

The funny thing is that in the not so old times they did sport with fully manual cameras

It isn't "manual versus auto". You can shoot successfully in either mode.

Today, that is impossible if you follow the opinion of the crowd

Our expectations of image quality have risen in the past few years.

What was thought to be acceptable quality from a half-frame film camera would not be accepted from a sensor of the same size today.

I have digitised all my colour slides, mostly full-frame but many half-frame. Even the best Kodachromes are not equal to a Foveon Merrill in good light, and shots taken on fast colour film in dim light are as bad as the examples shown by the OP, or worse.

If you look at examples of street scenes at night shot on an A7, you will see that they are in a different league. They don't have the high resolution of a Foveon shot in good light, but the colours and gradation are very good indeed.

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