As people says...

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Re: As people says...

Hi Dr. Xavier,

it is Always positive to have an hentusiastic attitude, if You have to learn You'll surely do it fast.

The photos are pretty beautiful, but the image quality is not high, it's true,

You must know that, from time to time, someone comes out saying that Foveon sensors cannot shot decent images in low light or for moving subject, it's not right.

Also, from time to time, comes out someone saying that Foveon sensor are great in photographing every light condictions... that's not right too.

I speak as a landscapist, I only shoot landcapes and - believe me  - the Foveon sensor in this field is unbeatable in decent light condictions.

But, as it's almost unusable with high iso and it shows too much noise in longer exposures (and also closes too much the shadows leaving red blotches when trying to adjust the lights), I can say that the Foveon sensor has got great faults, and I hope that the QUATTRO will do something soon...

Hope it helps,


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