Needing Help w/ OMD E-M1 AF Tracking Tips for Moving Subjects

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Re: Needing Help w/ OMD E-M1 AF Tracking Tips for Moving Subjects

Hi Mark,

I have the EM5 and EM1, with EM1 C-AF is very useful and I get high keeper rates with C-AF (80% and more).

For a good starting point, I would say:

  • You need light, the Phase-Detect pixels need 1/200s or faster at ISO800. Your actual settings might be different, (eg.g 1/50s and ISO200) but if light is not enough for the equivalent settings above, the camera will fall back to slow contrast AF (then it behaves similar to my EM5)
  • Use frame rate L (6fps) and never H (11fps). The concept of C-AF does not fit to frame rate H at all (where only the first shot has AF and AE lock) .
  • Turn off "release priority". Camera might hunt a little but if you press the shutter, the picture will be tack sharp. Otherwise the picture is soft. In case the camera does not yield focus and does not release, nothing is lost, the picture would have been garbage anyhow (you see, i don't like release prio)
  • Use the "single AF target" if you have busy background and the 3x3 target if you have blue sky. Use the "small+single AF target" only if you want to catch birds in trees, but not for your children
  • Don't use touch screen to adjust focus target, the target might be between the phase detect pixel areas and the AF result will be unpredictable. Use the arrow keys on the AF matrix to shift the focus area.

C-AF works quite good for me. I use the "old" 50-200SWD lens and the 75mm/1.8 with very good results. Both have tiny DOF but C-AF works very good.

Hope I did not forget another important advice.

Regarding "C-AF tracking", this is more complicated and will slow down the camera a bit. I would avoid C-AF-tr and use C-AF most of the time.


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