I think I caught GAS...

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Re: I think I caught GAS...

I went through all of this torment over the weekend too - DigiDirect had a great deal on the EM1 body and I was so close to ordering one to replace my EM5 but then when you look at the going price of a 2nd hnd EM5 body (especially now the Oly Aus cash back deal is on) it would have cost me too much just to get the extra features of the EM1 that it has over the EM5, especially when you consider the lame implementation of the wi-fi (no way to connect to a PC).

So, I ended up actually spending a bit more than I intended but instead went in the opposite direction and bought a Panasonic GM1 as an additional camera to my OMD.

This way I get the best of both worlds - my OMD for serious photo outings and the teeny GM1 for just carrying around in a pocket for casual shooting.

IMHO it's a great combo - the GM1 has some great features including a fully implanted wi-fi setup and far better video than my EM5 (and EM1!)

OK so I spent a bit more than an EM1 upgrade (after selling the EM5) but I end up with a back up camera that can use all the same lenses and it will also be good for the two of us to use together on holidays etc etc...

Very impressed with the GM1's capabilities so far...

BTW I also think there will be no replacement for the EM5, the EM1 is way too close in size and features...

It looks to me as though the EM5 will slowly fade away and we will be left with EM10/EM1 and ongoing updates of these two.

Just MHO...

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