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Re: As people says...

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Who are those people you refer to?

There are lots of excellent low light images. And when the light is blue, as for the first one, it is much easier to get good result.

Unfortunately the image quality of both these images is very poor.

The first also has severe halos along the edge of the roof, suggesting that some extreme PP was needed.

I think it is better not to go above ISO 200 in colour on the Merrill sensor.

The "people say camera X cannot do sports" is very common in the forums here. It happens now and then in the Pentax SLR forum, mainly because "people" say that Nikon has much better AF. But - often the images shown are images where it is possible to predict the focus.

Well, pictures like these two are better than nothing. But a more suitable camera would have given you much better results.

The Merrill cameras are the champs for resolution at low ISO settings (which can include low light if a tripod is used). The Sony A7 is the champ for high ISO settings (the A7s may be even better when it comes out).

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